Friday, November 30, 2012

How Fast Technology Changes

I pulled out a middle grade suspense I really, really liked that had  been stuck in a cyber drawer in 2005. It's a good little novel but never went anywhere. Even had some nice rejection comments. I still have hopes for it.

After reading through it to see if it could be reworked, I ran into technical difficulties. The MC and her friend were working surveillance equipment someone had set up and took a video tape home to save evidence showing the antagonist commiting a crime. Video tape?

I decided to research what's being used today. Amazing doesn't cover everything out there.

There are DVR recorders, wireless cameras, mouse ports, remote storage, remote access, and the use of thumb drives. I honed in on that particular system. If the owner has evidence he needs to give the police, he can use a mouse or up and down buttons to get the date, start time and stop time, and then download to a thumb drive. My characters could download the evidence and take the thumb drive home. I've been happily dusting off cobwebs and bringing this story up to date. But for how long?

Other things are popping up as I read through the story. My MC has a CD player, do kids use them anymore? Do they even like them? Should I replace a book with an e-reader? Would she rather read on her cell phone?Should I update the computer mentioned to the new slide-your-finger computer screen?

It makes me wonder...

How many recently published novels have become outdated or will be very soon simply because of the technology mentioned, even casually?

As writers do we begin to shy away from referring to technology for fear it will become outdated while it's being shopped around?

Maybe I could try to write historical fiction and avoid all that.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Mr. Food Will Be Missed

The founder of Mr. Food, Art Ginsburg, has passed away. I'll miss seeing him and the recipes he shared.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

My prayers go out to the victims of Hurricane Sandy and I wish for them and everyone affected a happy and blessed Thanksgiving.

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hope everyone had a good Halloween and enjoying nice weather this beautiful November 4th. Makes me feel guilty after watching the news and the devastation in the northeast to have my world doing just fine.

A slight cool front came through around two in the morning bringing a little thunderstorm and nice rains. I got up early, according to my clock and didn't find out until later when the morning light came too early that I hadn't turned my clocks back. So glad I didn't just shrug at the sunrise and go on not bothering to think about it. It would have been embarrassing to arrive at church when it was over.

I chose not to participate in NaNo this year, but I am working on a new novel and was able to get a chapter completed and edited. Twice I participated and the pace is grueling, especially not being able to let my inner editor loose when it's screaming at me. I won once and quit the next time. So, I'm happily hitting the computer keys every day this month and whatever the word count winds up to be, I will be happy. I don't want to do a NaNo contest because, personally for me, I like to follow the rules and doing that I wind up with a manuscript not worth editing. This winner wound up tossing fifty-thousand words of junk. I kept the idea and will run with it later.

Those of you who are doing NaNo I wish you lots and lots of good luck and winning with a workable manuscript! Many writers do this and I applaud them! I do miss the social aspects with other writers. That part is fun!