Monday, July 30, 2012

Historical Preservation Societies

 I've been researching different historical preservation societies around the country because one will play prominently in a new project. What I discovered was fascinating reading with stories of their own to be shared and passed down to generations to come. It's been a wonderful researching experience.
Most organizations came about because a few people in a town became concerned when old buildings were knocked down to clean up cities and make way for the new and modern world. Some organizations were formed at the turn of the 20th century, others earlier, and some even later. In one Texas town a group was formed in the late l960's when the old railway depot was torn down. A few citizens had tried to stop it and failed. Crushed and angry that some citizens couldn't see the value in preserving history, they formed their group and today it is responsible for saving more historical buildings. In return those buildings became a boon to the city as mini-museums attracting tourists, field trips for the school children, and being places to hold special events.
I'm sorry to say I took these organizations and the selfless people who are members for granted. I won't ever be guilty of that again. If you have a few minutes,find out if your town has a group and read all about it, you won't be disappointed.