Sunday, August 7, 2011

Baby Cap Ends The Writing Blahs

As I mentioned before, the weather has been rough in Texas which has affected my writing habits in an adverse way. Now we are having to worry about brownouts. I was told that one reason the motherboard on my other computer was damaged could be cutting power during the automatic download of upgrades. Not wanting to take the chance on this computer, I've been checking email in the morning and doing what I can before shutting it down at noon. That meant no writing and revising except for a couple of hours.

 Writing in long hand is not my preference, and I can only think-write for so many hours doing housework. I've read all my books, and puttering around in the yard is no fun when the grass is all dried up and crispy and the temps run in the three digits most days. I needed something creative to do, but the creative part of my brain has become lethargic.

A good friend called me up from north central Texas where the temperature is running in triple digits for over forty-five days, like 110! She's a serious knitter, but a beginner to crochet, and is also stuck indoors. I'm a beginner at knitting, but crochet pretty well. She wanted to send me a couple of patterns she found online of a baby cap and flower decoration. Would I make it not only for her granddaughter, but as a sample to follow? Yes! Perfect timing. I had an excuse to go the Michael's and buy yarn and a few other things before the pattern arrived.

I really enjoyed making something for a baby. It was new and different and I needed it. While my little D hook flew, this cap made me think of a flapper girl...and my brain woke up. During a break, I picked up a pencil to brainstorm things about her.

Who would have thought crocheting a baby cap would give me an idea to get excited about?


  1. Hi, Catherine. I've been worried about you, wondering how you are doing in the horrible heat I just learned about this week (don't have cable, don't watch much TV news, so I'm usually behind the curve on these things). I love the little flapper cap! The handmade things you post always cheer me up!

  2. Darling cap! I've knitted hats for grandkids, and am always looking for another cute project to start.

    Praying you get some relief from the weather soon. We finally got rain today, and cooler weather is predicted for the upcoming week. We had a string of 90+ days, but never over 100. Hoping for better days for you, too :-)

  3. What fun inspiration ... and the cap is gorgeous!


  4. Anne, thank you for saying these things cheer you up. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. As for the weather--this too shall pass.
    Kenda, ahhhh, rain--I'm so happy for you.

    Amy, thank you, I sure enjoyed making it.

  5. Thank you, Lola, visited your blog and loved it, too. Thanks for stopping by and commenting :)

  6. Hi Cathy,

    You know knitting and crocheting seem like winter activities to me, perhaps because of the hats and sweaters I associate with them. But you got the right ticket here. Stay in, keep cool, and stay busy.

    Wishing you rain soon.

  7. Shellie, you are right. My friend wanted to have a couple made for the fall weather which will be here before we know it--hopefully :) She's in north Texas and they get colder faster.

  8. i agree with are right. My friend wanted to have a couple made for the fall weather which will be here before we know it--hopefully :) She's in north Texas and they get colder faster

  9. Yes, they do, and one of the first fronts dropped their temperatures to the 80's this week. Thanks for stopping by and commenting :)

  10. Cathie, what a lovely baby hat!! And even better how it sparked a story idea :)