Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Computer Crashed Today!

This afternoon my computer totally crashed. It's at the shop and I'm at the public library. Aacckkk! They said it will be at least five days to diagnose and another fourteen to fix if I choose to fix it. I guess any writing I do will be with a pen. I'll check in when I can.

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope everyone's holiday is filled with love and laughter. Be careful if you are traveling and come home safe. My turkey is defrosting in the refrigerator, shopping is all finished, and I'm beginning first revisions on my YA started this summer and completed in October.

I promise this is the last mention of my e-reader. For those of you thinking about getting one, this weekend I downloaded a set of seven Jane Austen books, and two books that I'll be using for research. One on Native Americans and one on the Puritans/Colonial Women. For nine books I paid $1.99. One research book was free. Amazon has so many free and very inexpensive books that are out of print or copyright. This Kindle will pay for itself just in the convenience of doing research. Okay, that's it, no more Kindle talk!

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This and That

I've been spending the last week working on short fiction since I couldn't spend a long time at the computer. This turned out to be a great thing. I completed two adult mysteries and submitted a children's story. I received word that the children's story is seriously being considered :)

Another third story for grown-ups is printed and waiting for me to grade it with a red pen before the final polishing. I want to get it in the mail by Friday. My back is fine now so it's time to begin revising my novel.

After using my sister's Kindle, I finally ordered my own. It will be easier to get classics and other hard-to-find books than in the brick-and-mortar stores. Since it will also cost so much less, I couldn't justify waiting. However, I did buy Evanovich's new book Wicked Appetite last night so I know I will be shuffling between the old and the new form of reading. That relieves my guilt.

Finally, I read a good post at Nicole Ducleroir's blog "Consequences Tend to Snowball"  and thought you would enjoy reading it if you haven't already.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bye-Bye NaNo

In our city, we have brush, bulky item pickup twice a year. Our normal time for our neighborhood is in October. Due to weather and other problems we received notice Friday that our pick up day would be November 12. I love this day. You can put out front anything you want hauled off: couches, chairs, tree limbs, washers, dryers, old wooden fence sections, just about anything except hazardous items and construction materials. I hate hauling stuff off or paying someone to do it for me.

On Saturday, along with my neighbors, I got busy, and overdid it. I'm now walking crooked with a minor lower back problem. (I have had the major problem where you roll off the couch onto the floor and crawl to where you want to go so this is a piece of cake) My back is a lot better this morning, and I know I'll be out and about soon, but sitting at the computer longer than a few minutes is not a good idea. So, I quit working on NaNoWritMo, but I have a great beginning so I'm not sorry about that.

I curled up in my recliner with some nibble treats, tea, and a very nice muscle relaxer. On top of that, my sister gave me her Kindle to try out a whole novel and I found out a chapter into Glass Castle that I forgot I was reading on a device. That's another check on the plus side, but on the floor next to the recliner is a couple of "real" novels. I'm all set for a few days of self-indulgence.

Good luck to those that are staying the course.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Kindle and Me

 My neighbor's Pyracantha covered in berries  is one of our first signs of Fall 

Tonight I took a much needed break from NaNo to write about an E-Reader. My sister's Kindle arrived from Amazon tonight around five-thirty. The first in our whole family. Anyone would have known that as soon as they heard the way we oohed and ahhed.

In seconds, with a few touches on the screen, she had it registered with Amazon and was busy downloading her choices of books. ( I asked her how much she was planning to spend and she waved her card at me: "As much as this card will hold." Her husband heard her. "I guess my trip to the lake just got cancelled to next December.")

She chose to use the computer to download books instead of the Kindle because it was easier to browse. Instantly they were available on her Kindle. Naturally, she downloaded my e-book anthology. It was amazing to see it and feel it was something I would look back on as an important technological step for me. I thought about my other technology firsts: my first 8 track tape player, my first cassette player, VHS, CD, and my first DVD, my first computer. Okay, I'm sold! I want my own.

This Kindle is the size of a paperback and to turn the page, you thumb a button on the side. A friend of hers has had one for a year and loves it. For awhile she used it exclusively. "But," she said, "I also love to read "real" books. When I sat down to read one the other day, I found myself so engrossed in it, I kept hitting the side of the page with my thumb trying to get it to turn."

I left my sister to play with it, get to know it, then teach me how to use it. At home, I immediately called a writer friend and we wondered about the print since it seemed to be smaller than 12 point to me on the six inch screen. Was it senior friendly? Yep, Kindle cares about seniors. My sister discovered that you can change the font to a size that's comfortable for the reader. I now know first hand the advantages of e-readers but I don't want to give up books.

 I remember hearing about the hooplah of TV versus Movies. They sounded the death nell for movies. It didn't happen. Both survived and now they even interact together making each stronger. Let's hope it's the same for e-readers and books.

What was your first experience with an e-reader?

Great interview with one of my favorite mystery writers, Janet Evanovich, at Media Bistro and her opinion on e-Books.