Friday, January 1, 2010

January 1, 2010

It's hard to believe that ten years has passed since the y2k panic and worry about computers. All turned out well and technology not only has continued to grow and change at an unbelievable pace but it has produced an amazing tool for writers. I thought about the old days. How did all those famous writers produce manuscripts with typewriters? I can't imagine typing up a 250 page manuscript with carbon paper to have an extra copy. It makes me tired just thinking about it.

I actually remember how excited I was when "onion" paper, that's what we called it, was invented and how easy it was to erase mistakes. Soon they came up with typewriter ribbons that lifted mistakes as you typed over them. That was thrilling!

Then they invented the computer which has changed dramatically. It comes with the delete key, copy and paste, cut and paste, spell check, paragraph formatting, and all the rest. What would William Faulkner or Agatha Christie be able to produce with a computer?

I have all the tools available that they didn't have, but I have become a master at finding reasons to avoid writing. It doesn't help that the other thing the computer has given me is a real window to the world. I can sit in my chair and go anywhere. Chatting with other writers around the world is fun, visiting my favorite blogs is even more fun, and don't get me started on the wonderful writers at Verla Kay. By the time I check in with all of them my time at the computer is gone.

So, now it's time for my own New Year's resolutions:
  • I will set aside time each morning to write. No matter how blank my brain is, I will sit in that chair and will not surf the net.
  • I will make sure I submit a story or craft bi-weekly.
  • I will attend a conference or workshop on writing in 2010.
  • I will revise last summer's MG mystery before setting it to rest for a few months.
  • I will purchase and read the debut PB, MG, and YA novels for 2010--especially those from the Blueboarders.
  • I will begin the outline for my new MG mystery.
  • Finally, I will eat less and exercise more.

Happy New Year to all of you. Here's to 2010 and seeing even more debut authors in the bookstores!


  1. Hi, I just came over from your comment at Terry Lynns. I also write children's stories. Your resolutions sound a lot like mine, but a little more agressive. One of my goals is to submit a story at least once a month to publishers. good luck!

  2. Thanks, Janet, and I hope you reach your goal. It's a good one! I've finished revising my MG-check that off. Am working on a story--must be finished next week and out the door, but I've already failed on that one. No way can I create something and have it polished bi-weekly!