Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My First Agent Query Letter

Well I did it. I'm bleary eyed, my brain feels like mush, and all I want to do is drink a glass of iced tea and read, read, read and escape reality for awhile. But I also feel really good--I accomplished something today that "skeered" me.

I spent three days composing, writing, rewriting, and polishing my first ever agent query letter. First I studied examples from the web, then I practiced what I would say orally to my cat, and then I sat down at the computer. At 12:07 CST today, I hit the send button.

If there are any typos or spelling errors, I don't want to know--that would make me dissolve into tears. Because I met this agent at a conference, I sent it as an exclusive, so now I all I can do is wait and worry about the response. The good thing is--I sent it.

Will this querying ever get any easier?

The following site was a huge help as was the query sample: A Model Query Letter from Donald Maass' The Career Novelist

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  1. I run screaming from my desk at the thought of the day I'll have to write a query letter . . .