Friday, August 7, 2009

An Author's Image

In the September issue of The Writer magazine. Chuck Leddy wrote an article entitled: "Hot shots: The marketing of an author's image." Basically it is about how an attractive author has an advantage when it comes to having their books marketed. If they take a great photograph getting publicity is easier. And it seems people in the publishing business are "courting" attractive authors.

I glanced in the nearest mirror. Maybe with botox, a lift or two, hair dye, and a good makeover--I might take a good picture. But, maybe I wouldn't have to do that to get a book published, because then the article made me laugh. I quote: "As Jessa Crispin, editor of the literary Web site Bookslut, told NPR,"I have met too many writers who look absolutely nothing like their author photo. You meet them at a party, and you're like, 'Who are you?' "

Chuck Leddy's last sentence was perfect. "While a good author photo can't hurt your career, writing a good book is even better."


  1. Oh, I hope my head shot turns out well! Thanks for the post.