Monday, August 31, 2015

Ready, Set, Write Kept Me On Track! Yay!

Not only did I stay on track thanks to Ready, Set, Write I even surpassed it. Fifteen chapters completed! Once the obligation to show up at my computer each morning and write--which meant not doing Facebook,Twitter or SCBWI/Blueboard forums--I wrote a couple of hours daily editing my little writer's heart out.

I'm  almost at the end of the first round of revisions which I will complete this week and then I will start the next round.

Hope all of your writing goals are being met in these dog days of summer!

Monday, August 24, 2015

I joined Ready, Set, Write twelve weeks in and the last week.

Over at Leandra Wallace's blog today I learned about Ready, Set, Write and decided to join the group. Yes it's the last week but I've been working on the first round of chapter revisions and need the support of other writers to keep me moving forward even for one week. I usually start fresh at the beginning of the week but by Friday I've slowed considerably in these dog days of summer, even skipped some days.

Ready.Set.Write! is a summer writing intensive hosted by Jaime Morrow, Alison Miller, Katy Upperman, Erin Funk, and Elodie Nowodazkij . Every Monday participants share how they're doing in reaching their goals for the summer. This is week 12 and the last but I intend to do dive right in and get to it.

My goal each morning  is to work on one chapter a day doing round one of revisions to my first draft. This morning I was able to do two chapters before I went visiting other blogs and found out about Ready, Set, Write. Next Monday I hope to be able to say I met my goal and am a lot further along than I would have been without joining!

Monday, August 17, 2015

HOME The Animated film with Jim Parsons and Rihanna

I don't usually recommend cartoon videos but I watched "Home" this weekend because Jim Parsons, my hero Sheldon from Big Bang Theory, was the star alien named "Oh". Oh was on the run from his own people and tricked a human girl named Tip to help him. Tip, played by Rihanna, needed help to find her mother and Oh said he would. 
This is such a cute story with endearing and funny characters. Jim Parsons is Oh.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Taking a break from writing this morning. Have been at it since six a.m. and for some reason today I'm on fire at the keyboard. The words are flowing and my typing can't keep up. This doesn't happen all the time, I wish it would. Last month everything I wrote had to be dragged out of me and I felt like a salmon swimming upstream. and then when I'd look it over the next day---Yuck!

Delete. Delete. Delete. Five chapters from last month hit the "cutting room floor" Sunday. I got out pen and paper and wrote new notes on what direction the plot should go this time.

I don't know if this flow of words will continue tomorrow or I'll read through it all and find out it's still yucky, but right now I couldn't be happier. Three new chapters and so much better!

I'm reading Susan Wittig Albert's BITTERSWEET. I have loved the China Bayles character since I picked up the first book at my local library when it was first released. As it sometimes goes in a series, I don't always enjoy each new mystery, but BITTERSWEET has me hooked. If you haven't tried this series here's a link to Amazon and Goodreads.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Madeia Sharif's Hot Pink Cover Reveal--WooHoo!

I'm excited to participate in Medeia's cover reveal for her new book, Hot Pink in the City, which will be released August 19. Congratulations, Medeia!