Monday, July 21, 2014

Gosh, it's already July 21. I've been forging ahead at the computer and can't believe how the days have come and gone since my last post. But it's definitely July with the arrival of temperatures in the nineties and heat index in the three digits.

With AC on and no desire to step a foot outside, I should get a lot of work done during the rest of the month.

Hope you are all reaching your goals, whether writing or life, and your summer is amazing.


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

When It's Just Not Working

June has been very busy and disappointing for me in my writing room. I've spent the month working on the first draft of a YA thriller novel and came to a very frustrating realization. I had reached forty-eight thousand words and I wasn't enjoying the writing. It became laborious and I wasn't cheering the MC on or boo-hissing the antagonist. I was not involved in the story.

At times I was...I admit it...BORED.

And I didn't LIKE what I had written.
 I had to fix it. Do I dump the whole thing which I've done in the past or could I salvage something and begin over?
I took long walks the last few days and thought about the plot and the characters and wondered when did I begin not enjoying the story?

 I finally realized just where it was things went so horribly wrong. To undo the plot mess, I would have to go back in and cut out several chapters and start over at that point.
So I went to work. I chopped and cut and pasted paragraphs, whole chapters, red herrings and clues until I was down to barely thirty-one thousand words.  
But my work had only begun. I had to tighten and polish to get it ready for the clearer path. And do a new outline for the rest of the novel before inserting references to it. 

 Today at four-twenty four in the afternoon I finished. I am now ready to begin July with a fresh start. 

 I feel light hearted and I know my MC thanks me for getting her out of that quagmire and giving her a second chance to shine. Writing feels good again!

Hope your summer writing projects are going much smoother than mine.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Disconnected by Lisa M. Cronkhite

It's my super pleasure to help announce that......

DISCONNECTED, a mystery novel about a split personality, by Lisa M. Cronkhite, will be released from The Poisoned Pencil on June 3. It is the second YA book released by this new imprint of Poisoned Pen Press.

For more information go to Amazon here or to Lisa's blog here.

This promises to be a really good read!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Why can't writers use the words people actually say?

Have not been blogging since I'm busy working on the first draft of another mystery. It's so hard to sit down every day and put in a few hours at the keyboard and then try to think of an intelligent article for my blog. As you can see, I probably failed again, but I wanted to mention a tiny little pet peeve.

When this writer galumphs along, I find it difficult to avoid a big NO-NO and I want to know...

 Why can't we write "sit down" or "stand up" any longer?

Sure, I agree with the reasoning that if you stand--you stand up, and if you sit--you sit down, but who actually decided it was a no-no to write the words that have been used for generation after generation? I hear them used at parties, events, at schools, on television, everywhere people gather, but I shouldn't include them in a novel or I'm a bad writer?

"Stand up and tell us a little about yourself." "Susan, please sit down and be quiet."

 If a writer can write bad words, shocking words that are totally unacceptable in polite society in the same novel, why can't writers write the words people actually continue to say in every day conversation?

Okay, I'll stand up and get some more coffee and then sit down at my desk and try to get some work done.

What's your writing rule pet peeve?

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Chris Cavender and his Pizza Lover's Mystery series

When things get stressful and I need to relax and unwind I turn to a good cozy. I recently read A Slice of Murder, the first in the series by Chris Cavender and immediately picked up the rest of books. These are a must read for cozy lovers as well as pizza lovers.

A Slice of Murder takes place in Timber Ridge, North Carolina where Eleanor Swift, the owner of a pizza restaurant, delivers a late night pizza to Richard Olsen and discovers he has been murdered.

As luck would have it, she becomes prime suspect number one in the eyes of the police chief just because of a silly public argument she had with the deceased. Then practically the whole town believes her guilty and business suffers. It's now up to her and her many-times-divorced sister, Maddy, to prove her innocence and save the pizzeria by finding the real killer.

This is what cozies are all about, thank you Chris Cavender.